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    List of Teachers/Teacher Applications


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    List of Teachers/Teacher Applications Empty List of Teachers/Teacher Applications

    Post by Ares on Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:21 pm

    Hello! Are you looking to become a teacher and teach a new student how to roleplay? Or maybe you're just checking here to see what available teachers are here. Well, you're in the right place!

    Requirements to be a teacher:
    First let's start with the requirements, unfortunatly yes we have them. This is to make sure that you actually know a lot about roleplay to teach. They are as follows:

      - Have been a roleplayer for quite some time
      - Know the ins and outs of roleplay
      - roleplay in more than one sentence
      - Don't power-play or goddmod
      - Can roleplay realistically
      - Will be willing and ready to teach when you are assigned a student
      - Will not wine/complain about not becoming a teacher or beg

    List of Current Teachers
    • Ares

    Application for teaching:
    Send the bellow application to Ares via the PMing system on this site. He will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure to fill out all aspects of the application, and prove in the application that you understand what is expected of you. Failure to do so might not get you teacher position.

    Character Name:
    How long have you been roleplaying for? (give an estimate date)
    How active are you in the pack? (on a scale from 1-10)
    What can I expect of you?
    Example of roleplaying style:

    Note to newbies: Please just post on this topic that you are in need of a teacher, I will try to assign you one asap. ;)

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