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Canines of Inaria

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Canines of Inaria

A WolfQuest™ Community Pack

    Liar of the Beast


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    Liar of the Beast Empty Liar of the Beast

    Post by Ares on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:37 pm

    Liar of the Beast

    Liar of the Beast Dark_Creepy_Cave_by_wewtXD
    (cave image (c) *wewtXD I do not claim this image)

    You decide to go past the cave lake, venturing further. It's now very dark within the cave, almost too dark. It's a good thing that canines have night vision. Suddenly, you hear roaring. You look further into the distance and see thousands of eyes peering at you, you look away and then back again but don't see anything. What had you just witnessed?

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